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Install the app, sign up, link your bank, and then move money in so you have cash on hand to start investing. Hassle-free!


Choose a theme and start investing in thousands of stocks and ETFs with $5. Buy and sell them whenever you want.


Easily track stock prices and your money growth to change your investing strategy with an intuitive dashboard.

Investing themes


Invest in companies that are powering communication and information technology. AT&T, Nokia, Sprint, Verizon, Baidu, you name it.

Home & garden

Stocks include Sonos, Amazon, Home Depot, Whirlpool, Berkshire Hathaway, Peloton, Casper Sleep.


Interested in wearable companies? Then, invest in Qualcomm, Dexcom, Apple, Logitech, Microsoft, Fitbit. The sky’s the limit.

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1. Which stocks do you offer?

You’re provided with more than 1000 stocks and ETFs, including stocks in the S&P 500. Search for stocks by industry or company name or stock symbol.

2. How do I fund my account?

There are two ways to move cash between your Easy Invest account and your bank account.

Linked bank (free of charge). It takes 3 business days for the cash to show up in your Easy Invest account.

Debit card. Move cash in instantly for a small fee.

3. Do I need to pay any monthly fee?

No! You don’t have to pay any monthly fees to create and maintain your Easy Invest account.

4. Can I withdraw money from my Easy Invest account?

Yes, you can initiate a withdrawal at any time you want. It can take a few days for the cash to reach your chosen bank account.

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